How to Make Class Birthday Calendars: Birthday Reminder Template Ideas

Thursday, March 15th 2018. | Tales

Birthday cake cut outs, blackboards, birthday wheels, and photo calendars are teacher inspired ideas to display student birthdays. Visible birthday reminders in the classroom ensure no student’s birthday is forgotten.

Involve students in a fun birthday activity to aid in the recording of student birthdays. Once all birthdays are recorded display the birthday calendars in the classroom.

Blackboard Birthday Calendar

Make a 7×5 grid using chalkboard markers on the blackboard. Chalkboard markers are permanent until you wash them off with water. Next, write Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,and Saturday on the top of the calendar grid, beginning with Sunday above the far left square.

Write the number of days in the top right hand corner of the squares with chalk that coincide with the month and year. Next, record the birthdays for the month. Each month erase the information on the monthly calendar and record the new information with chalk.

Birthday Cakes

Create 12 birthday cakes on construction paper or print off birthday cake printouts from the Internet. Label each birthday cake with the name of the twelve months.

Next, create a standard candle from paper and photocopy enough for each student in the class. On each candle write the name of each student in the class.

Display the birthday cakes on a bulletin board and place the candles on the appropriate cake. Birthday cake wall calendars are good for primary and kindergarten classes.

Photo Birthday Calendars

Paste a photograph of a student on his/her birthday on a standard calendar. School photo, baby photo, or sport photos are sample photographs that may be displayed on the calendar. Use a yearly calendar to display all birthdays on a bulletin board in the classroom.

Birthday Wheel

Trace and cutout 2 circles of the same size. One circle will be the top part of the wheel and the second circle the bottom of the wheel. Divide the bottom wheel into 12 sectors for each month of the year. Create the circle from freehand or create one in a word document.

On the top of each segment label the months in order. Below the month write the name of the student and record their birthday number beside his/her name. Also, write the names in chronological order.

Next step is cut out one segment from the top part of the wheel. Be accurate otherwise you will see dates for the other months. Secure the top and bottom wheel with a paper fastener in the center of the wheel. Rotate the wheel to see all the different birthdays for each month.

Birthday wheels can be created in a variety of sizes. Make one the size of a small bulletin board and have a student rotate it monthly.

Birthday wheels and birthday cake cutouts are sample birthday reminder calendars for students and teachers. School reminder calendars are a wonderful organizing tool for teachers.