Host a Monkey Birthday Party

Thursday, March 15th 2018. | Tales

You have picked a theme for your child’s birthday party so the hard part is over, right? Not quite. You now must plan decorations, a menu, and games for the party. But the planning can be almost as fun as the actual party! Here are some ideas to help you along while planning your jungle fiesta.

Monkey Birthday Party Decorations

First you must pick what kind of monkey theme you want to go with – cute, traditional, surfer, etc. One place to start is choosing a monkey theme from a birthday party website or store. Some great ones are the Mod Monkey them from Birthday Express and a Curious George theme from Birthday in a Box.

If you don’t want to buy monkey decorations, you can make your own. Pick two colors for the party and buy paper plates, napkins, cups, balloons, and a tablecloth in these colors. Then make it a monkey party by incorporating any of these homemade decorations:

  • Make invitations by cutting out banana shapes from yellow construction paper. Don’t forget the thank you notes too!
  • Make a homemade banner out of construction paper squares and glue or draw on pictures of monkeys.
  • Place monkey stuffed animals from a dollar store around the party.
  • Make palm tree leaves out of green construction paper and hang around the room.
  • Crepe paper is great for any party! Use your coordinating colors.
  • Make favor bags from brown lunch bags by drawing a monkey face and each child’s name on the bag. Use googly eyes for added fun. Fill with banana candy and monkey trinkets. Oriental Trading Company is always a good place to get party favor fillers.
  • Iron-on a monkey picture to a T-shirt for the birthday boy or girl.

Food Ideas for a Child’s Party

  • fried plaintains
  • chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce
  • pulled pork sandwiches
  • “monkey munch” – mix peanuts, M&M’s, pretzels, popcorn, or whatever you like in a large bowl
  • banana sugar cookies
  • banana bread
  • virgin pina coladas
  • monkey cake – Try this one from or this one from Martha Stewart.

Monkey Theme Party Games for Kids

  • Make a banana pinata from paper mache.
  • Print out monkey coloring pages from the internet. Set up a table with crayons and markers.
  • Play “monkey in the middle.”
  • Change “duck, duck, goose” to “ape, ape, monkey.”
  • Play freeze dance to a mix of any songs you find that have monkey or jungle in them: “I Wanna be Like You” from The Jungle Book, or “Going to the Zoo” by Raffi.
  • Pre-cut paper plates and fit with elastic to make monkey masks. Have the kids decorate them at the party.