Fun College Birthday Party Theme: Best Ideas for Cool College or University Themed B-Day Parties

Thursday, March 15th 2018. | Tales

A birthday party theme idea based on one’s future or past college is a great ideas for anyone, from teenagers to senior citizens. Using the college colors and mascot as a starting point, get ready for a lot of fun at a college themed party.

A College Theme Birthday Party Works For Students, Adults, Seniors, or Teens

This theme works for anyone who is planning to attend college, who is in college, or who has graduated from a college or university. Some of these ideas would be good even for a graduation party.

Fun University or College Theme Birthday Party Planning Ideas

  • First, a venue can be chosen. Is there an appropriate room available at the student’s or alumni’s school? Other choices are at a home, a restaurant, or a community building.
  • Invitations or “hold the date” cards can be sent out as soon as possible, especially for a larger affair. For a smaller party, oral invitations to hold the date are fine.
  • The college bookstore (If not local, they may have an online store) may have generic notecards or invitations imprinted with the school’s logo. If not, search for invitations in school colors, or they may be homemade.
  • College bookstores often carry stickers or envelope labels, which may be used to seal envelopes or add to handcrafted cards.

Decorating Ideas for a College Themed Birthday Party

  • The college bookstore is, again, a good choice for shopping for decor.
  • Look for school pennants, flags, or banners.
  • How about a big stuffed school mascot?
  • Find party goods to match the colors, theme, and/or mascot.
  • Balloons and streamers are a must, as well.

Food and Drink for a College Theme Party

Any foods will work for this birthday party theme. If it is in the budget, a caterer can be hired and the party can be as fancy or casual as one likes. Take into consideration the college style, the location, the birthday person, etc. Someone from a smaller school may enjoy a potluck. A Harvard graduate having a 50th birthday may prefer more elegant fare.

Party Favors for Teens, College Students, Adult Alumni, and Senior Citizens

Unless all the guests have attended the same college, favors reflecting the school may not be a great idea. Some party favor ideas that work for all ages are:

  • Candies or pillow mints wrapped in round bridal tulle circles
  • Small frames containing a photo of the birthday person
  • Party bags full of small treats (vary for age)
  • Floral centerpiece door prizes (hold a drawing or choose some other way)
  • Single roses for each guest

Activities for a Birthday Party with a University Theme

  • Activities for this theme will vary widely depending on the ages of guest in attendance.
  • Many ages may enjoy dancing, eatting, playing games and chatting.
  • Board games and card games may be set out for older adults.
  • Games like Twister and Scene-It DVD games may be more appropriate for teens and college students.
  • Older college students may just enjoy hanging out, munching, and listening to music while they talk.
  • With older teens, college age students, adults and seniors, a party does not usually need a lot of extras. Simply providing a place to honor the birthday girl or boy (whatever their age may be), offering good food and drinks, and playing music is plenty. People will mingle, talk, laugh, and have fun.