Fun Birthday Party Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Thursday, March 15th 2018. | Tales

Birthday party games are an important part of any birthday party, especially, if it is for a two or three-year old toddler. Here are some fun and enjoyable party games for preschoolers and the best part is that they’re cheap and easy to organize. These simple and fun birthday games will ensure that toddlers and preschoolers will have lots of fun playing at the birthday while parents will have a good time organizing them.

Toddler Birthday Games with Music

Musical birthday party games are a great way to get toddlers and preschoolers moving. Parents can organize Musical Chairs but instead of chairs, place small rugs or cushions on the floor and have the little ones sit down as soon as the music stops. Another musical party game is Musical Freeze. Get the toddlers dancing to fun music and then, have them freeze as soon as the music stops.

The Toy Parade is another enjoyable musical game. Have all the guests bring a favorite toy and walk with them to the tune of music. Provide related accessories such as headbands, for the boys and tiaras for the girls and watch them have fun. Sing-along Toddler Fun is a sure way to get toddlers at the party into a fun mood. Play favorite and classic rhymes and songs and have them all sing along with simple hand moves and dances.

Noncompetitive Birthday Party Games for Toddlers

Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy birthday games where everyone is a winner. So, parents can stick to non-competitive party games such as Simon Says, where everyone does what the leader or ‘Simon’ says. A Lucky Dip is a fun and economical way to give each toddler a small gift. Simply take a large box, decorate the outside in keeping with theme of the party and fill it with small and inexpensive gifts that have been wrapped. Have toddlers pick one with their eyes closed.

Big Bubble Fun is also a fun and cheap birthday party game to kick off the party. Parents could either provide toddlers as they come in with small bubble-makers and get them blowing bubbles or could blow the bubbles themselves and have the little ones run around chasing them. I Spy is another classic non-competitive game. All one needs to do is say “I Spy from the corner of my eye something beginning with/ colored….” It is easier to use colors rather than letters with toddlers. Simply continue spying things till everyone has gotten a chance to answer and ‘win’ something.

Outdoor Birthday Games for Toddlers

For birthday parties where the weather and the space allow for outdoor games, parents can take the little invitees outside for some interesting party games. The Toy Maze is a simple game in which parents can place decorated cartons (fill the cartons with books or heavy items to add weight) in the shape of a maze and have inexpensive toys hidden in different corners. The classic Treasure Hunt is also more enjoyable when played outside. However, one may want to adapt it for toddlers by using clues that are either visual or verbal.

Throw the Ball at the Donkey is an adaptation of Pin the Tail. Simply have toddlers line up with small, soft and inexpensive balls and have them try to aim and throw the balls to hit the donkey or whatever else one may want to use. It is easy to adapt this to the theme of the party and have a princess or superhero or doll instead of the traditional donkey.

Things to Keep in Mind When Organizing Toddler Birthday Party Games

While organizing birthday party games for a two or three year-old, one must keep certain things in mind to ensure that the games are fun, enjoyable and truly entertaining.

  • Choose age-appropriate games. While a piñata may be real fun at a four or five year-old’s birthday, toddlers may only get frustrated by not being able to hit it, so avoid it. Stick to games that are in line with a toddler’s abilities.
  • Avoid games that involve anything that the little ones may choke on or get hurt by.
  • Keep the instructions simple and easy to understand. It is best to have games that have just one or at the most, two instructions.
  • Keep birthday party games light and fun. Toddlers have a mind of their own and this will extend to a party game as well. So, be prepared for rules to be adapted or changed by the little invitees.
  • Do not have too many games. It will only tire the preschoolers out and make them cranky and irritable by the end of the party. Two or at the most, three games are more than enough for a toddler’s birthday party.

Birthday party games provide toddlers with a easy and fun way to be entertained while waiting for the cake to be cut and the food to arrive. Moreover, it helps toddlers get to know the other guests and even make new friends. Quite simply, birthday party games at a toddler’s birthday make the whole event fun, entertaining and enjoyable. The best birthday party games, at the end of the day are the ones which let the little ones have a ball.