A Carnival Birthday Party for Kids

Thursday, March 15th 2018. | Tales

Having a birthday party for a child can be a costly venture. And if there’s more than one child, the parties can become budget busters. A carnival atmosphere keeps the kids entertained and the bucks in the bank.

Party Invitations

Invitations to a child’s party do not have to be elaborate or expensive. With all of the computer software and papers available, making them can be fast, easy, and inexpensive. Find fun carnival-themed border papers (or other special invitation paper), add the party details, and it’s an instant invitation.

Party Decorations

With a carnival theme, the sky’s the limit with party decorations. Anything found at a carnival is a potential decoration. Set up tables around the room (or outside if that’s where the party will be) and cover with colorful plastic or paper tablecloths. Make a “Happy Birthday” banner using 16 equal sized triangles, enough letters cut out to spell “Happy Birthday” and yarn. Once the letters are glued onto the triangles, attach them all with yarn. Fast and cheap!

One must-have is balloons. Lots of colorful balloons can fill a space in a hurry. Tie them to popcorn boxes that can be bought at a dollar store and place them on the tables as centerpieces. The rest of the decorations can come from the carnival games themselves.

Carnival Party Games

Just like with all carnivals, kids will have to use tickets to play the individual games. Hand out 10 tickets to guests as they come in and tell them those are to be used to play the games and win prizes. Tickets can be purchased at a party store or made out of construction paper.

The games for this party are simple: bean bag toss, coin toss, clothespin drop, basketball throw, sack race, guess how many, bowling, and a photo booth. If a friend or family member dabbles in magic, hire them for the day and let them entertain the kids.

The coin toss can be made using poster board with various sizes and colors of circles glued onto it. Kids will toss the coins and try to get them to land in the circles. The clothespin drop can be made out of a plastic juice container and any clothespins that may be around the house. A child’s basketball hoop and ball can be used for the basketball throw; a pillow case for the sack race, put animal crackers in a large glass for kids to guess how many and a photo booth with various props can be set up for a fun memento of the day.

Kids will have fun wandering from game to game trying to win prizes.

Party Prizes

When guests first arrive, have them make their own party favor bags. Have lunch bags on hand, along with foam stickers and markers. No glue needed. Kids can make their own bags then carry them around from game to game to collect their prizes.

The easiest prize for a carnival-themed party is candy and lots of it! Just make sure to have a wide variety of it on hand.

Food for a Carnival Party

In addition to candy, finger foods are the best way to go for a fun party like this. Popcorn, chips, dip, and punch will be all the kids need. They will be so busy with the games, they might not even know they’re hungry.

Instead of a birthday cake, make cupcakes instead. Cover them with bright colored icing and add an animal cookie on top. The birthday boy or girl can have a cupcake with a few more decorations and a candle.

Parties for kids do not have to be expensive. The only goals to keep in mind are to keep them entertained and happy. A carnival-themed party does just that. The games themselves will keep guests busy for an entire afternoon. For parents, it’s a stress-free, inexpensive way to say “happy birthday.”