40th Birthday Party Ideas for Car Lovers: Planning Theme Parties for Automotive Fans

Thursday, March 15th 2018. | Tales

Finding 40th birthday party ideas can be a challenge. Many people take the easy way out by selecting a predictable “over the hill” party theme. However, with a bit of thought, anyone who is putting together a party for someone who is turning forty can come up with some great ideas. For example, a person who loves vehicles is sure to appreciate a party for car lovers.

As he or she begins to put the car party theme party together, the planner will appreciate the ease with which he or she can find things to fit the theme. There are so many great automotive related activities and games and there are plenty of car themed party supplies available in the party supply stores.

Specific Car Model Party Theme

Perhaps the birthday boy has loved Volkswagon Beetles since he bought his first one at the age of 16. While he has since moved on to a sleek sports car or eco-friendly hybrid, his heart still belongs to that first rusty Beetle. Maybe he has spent his life driving around in a ratty economy car, but he longs for a Hummer. For this car lover, a party that has everything to do with that particular car model is sure to be a hit.

  • Create a trivia game based on the history of the type of car the party is centered around. To make it extra challenging, throw in some questions about the guest of honor’s relationship with that car model.
  • Find movies that feature the car in question and play them in the background. For example, Beetle lovers will enjoy watching the classic Disney movie The Love Bug.
  • Shop for toy cars to use as favors and make or order a cake that resembles the car in question.
  • Decorate with parts from that favorite car. Put potted plants inside of old rims placed on their sides or use a fender as part of a funky bar. Ask a junkyard to lend you a bunch of seats to use as theater seating for your movie viewing area.

Vintage Car Party Theme

For people who love old cars and enjoy spending hours wandering through vintage car shows, a 40th birthday party with a vintage car theme is the perfect idea. This theme can really be fun for guests, too, since they can opt to show up wearing clothing from the same era as their favorite car. A few other ideas for this automotive party theme include:

  • Renting several old cars to use to transport guests from one venue to the next.
  • Setting up a table with an assortment of vintage car parts on it and having people guess what each part was for.
  • Hiring a photographer to take photos of guests decked out in dusters and goggles while they sit in an antique car.

Cars Movie Party Theme

While most 40 year olds may not be into the Disney Cars movie, there are other car related movies that will be sure to get them feeling nostalgic. A party that is built around the classic Speed Racer theme may be just the thing.

With all the great options available for a surprise party with an automotive theme, anyone planning a 40th birthday party for a car lover has plenty of ideas to choose from.